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About Code Blue

“Approximately 2.8 million youths run away from their homes each year.” (Greene J., Ringwalt, Kelly, Iachan, & Cohen, 1995)

“13 teens die every day on the street from abuse, drugs or suicide.” (Stand Up for Kids, 2008)

“An estimated 16,859 to 27,600 runaway and homeless youth in the United States are currently HIV positive.” – (Rotheram-Borus, Song, Gwadz, Lee, Van Rossem & Koopman, 2004)

Jermaine’s research for the role led him to an astonishing reality, a reality he could not ignore…the problem of teenage homelessness. Jermaine says, “Teenage homelessness” inspires you to really do something. You wanna make a change any way you can. I know for a fact that if half of the people who label the kids “troublesome” extended a hand, they could have a positive impact on the kids’ lives.” So, he’s doing something to help the real Dukies of America.

Jermaine created CODE BLUE: reviving a generationCODE BLUE is a campaign that was created to bring awareness of – and to fight against those issues that threaten youth. The color blue stands for the collective theme of youth, empowerment, spirituality, loyalty and, change. Jermaine feels this is what our youth need.CODE BLUE will be a united voice to bring about change to empower and inspire our youth spiritually, physically and, emotionally. CODE BLUE can save the next generation…the next generation of politicians, professionals and community activists.

CODE BLUE how join forces with some of Hollywood’s best known teen actors and actresses to produce a PSA via the internet to raise monies and bring awareness to teenage homelessness in America.

CODE BLUE is also producing a one-hour television documentary focusing on homeless teens entitled TEENAGE AND HOMELESS IN AMERICA -“CHANGE IS GONNA COME.”

About the Founder

Television and film critics have heralded him one of the most gripping young actors on the scene. Jermaine Crawford’s talent and abilities as an actor has not only earned the respect and acclaim from his peers and fans…but simply have critics in awe.

Best known for his starring role on the critically acclaimed HBO series, “The Wire,” Jermaine brilliantly plays Duquan “Dukie” Weems on the weekly drama that many consider one of the best shows on television. He magically brings to life the complex, urban-laced troubles of an inner-city teenager struggling to survive and stay afloat in the callous Baltimore streets.

In April 09 Jermaine was accepted as a Youth Ambassador for “America’s Promise”, created by, General Colin and Mrs. Alma Powell. An advocacy group created to change the outcome of children.

Jermaine recently completed his motion picture debut entitled “Twelve” directed by Joel Schumacher , to be released 2010.

His professional experience also includes a variety of prominent theatrical roles including, “Children of Eden” (Ford Theatre as directed by David Bell); “Carousel”, “Miracle Worker” (Olney Theatre, as directed by Bill Pasquanti); and, “A Midsummer’s Night Dream” (at the historic Shakespeare Theatre in Washington, DC, as directed by Mark Lamos). Additionally, Jermaine is known for his electrifying singing & dancing, and has already won several regional competitions throughout the Washington DC metropolitan area.

Jermaine remains committed to his community and continues to uplift and elevate others through various community outreach efforts.